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Training & Credentialing: FAQ


New Employee Safety Orientation:

Complete the in-person Research Safety Orientation.

To schedule training, contact the Research Safety Coordinator

Annual Safety Training:

  1. Review the Medical Research Safety Training Manual

  2. Complete the Research Service Training Safety Exam

  3. Send the completed exam to the Research Safety Coordinator

A written refresher training is required annually. Individuals are notified via email when this is required.


Research Credentialing is the formal, systematic process of verifying, screening and evaluating qualifications and other credentials that include education, licensure, relevant training and experience and current competence.

ALL Staff listed on a VA-approved research protocol must complete credentialing.


Research Credentialing Requirements are as follows:

Please refer to your Scope of Practice for appropriate Research Credentialing training.


Completed credentialing paperwork can be returned in person to Christina Raymond in the research office, Room K-115.


For additional information, contact:
Management Assistant (216) 791-3800 x64660

To view Scope of Practice and CITI training records currently on file with the Research Office, please visit the Research Study Staff Documents SharePoint site.


Log into TMS

1. Click on Create New User

  • VA TMS Self Enrollment

    • Select: Veterans Health Administration

    • Select: WOC for WOCs and IPAs, or Volunteer for Volunteers

  • My Account Information:

    • Complete entire page to create account

  • My Job Information page:

    • VA City: Cleveland

    • VA State: Ohio

    • VA Location Code: CLE

    • VA Point of Contact First Name: Christina

    • VA Point of Contact Last Name: Raymond

    • VA Point of Contact email address:

    • Point of Contact Phone Number: 216-791-3800 x64660

    • HIPAA Training (course #10203) Required: check box if working on VA Human Studies


2. Select: VA TMS Self Enrollment 

  • IMPORTANT: Send an email to the Management Assistant when this is complete so any additional training can be added


3. Complete required "Mandatory Training for Trainees"


4. Obtain Certificate(s) of Completion and forward to the Management Assistant

  • AFTER course completion, return to Learning

  • Go to My History at bottom right, click View All

  • Locate the course and either

    • Hover mouse, choose Print Certificate

    • In the Action column, click on the printer icon

  • Save or print certificate 


Human Subject Protection (HSP) Education

Participants in human subject research must complete the VA-required human subject protection education every 3 years at Before going to the CITI page, it is recommended that you review and print the following directions. Select the link that applies to you.

I am a new user, not enrolled in CASE CREC

I am currently enrolled in CASE CREC

I am already registered and I am returning to VA CITI course to update my VA training


The required courses will be populated for you.


For additional information, contact the IRB Administrator (216) 791-3800 x64650

Electronic Patient Records

To receive access to the Computerized Patient Record System (CRPS), you must:

  1. Watch this training video, accessible from any computer

  2. Complete the CPRS Training Evaluation Form

  3. Download the CPRS Pocket Guide and iMedConsent Pocket Guide

  4. Sign the Acknowledgement Form

  5. Send the Evaluation and Acknowledge forms to the Management Assistant

For CPRS-related questions, contact the CPRS Helpline (216-791-3800 x66200) or email


All individuals working with animals in the Animal Research Facility (ARF) must complete the training listed below:

VA CITI Training

  • Register or login at: 

  • Complete registration

    • Select “VA Cleveland, OH 541” as the organization

  • Complete the following courses (automatically assigned to you):

    • "Working with the IACUC"

    • "VA ARF Orientation"

    • "Occupational Health VA"

    • Any other protocol-specific or species-specific courses


Occupational Health

Complete the Laboratory Animal Allergy Screening at Personnel Health (part of new employee physical).

The Management Assistant will schedule appointments for WOC appointees.


Annually in March: Laboratory Animal Allergy Questionnaire Follow-Up (notification sent via email)

ARF Orientation and Hands-on Training

Complete the ARF Orientation and hands-on training with ARF veterinary staff.


New Employee Safety Orientation

See below for details.

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* These links use regular email and are not secure. Do not send personal or medical information unprotected over the Internet.

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