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Training & Credentialing: FAQ

SD-004 Research Credentialing (Updated July 7, 2022)

SD-005 Research Records Management (Updated July 7, 2022)

RD-001 Research and Development Committee (RDC) Operating Procedures (updated February 11, 2022)

RD-002  Request for Research vs. Non-Research Operations Evaluation (SOP)

RD-003  RDC Project Status Update and Continuing Review

HRPP  Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Standard Operating Procedures (updated April 7, 2022)

HSP-001  National Cancer Institute's Central IRB (Updated January 5, 2023)

HSP-003  Documentation in Patient's Medical Record of Enrollment Contact, Actual Enrollment and End of Study Participation (Updated August 4, 2022)

HSP-004  CPRS Medical Records for Non-Veterans Research Subjects and Veterans Not Currently Enrolled in the VA System

HSP-005  Flagging Medical Charts of Patients Involved in Medical Research Studies (updated April 7, 2022)

HSP-006  Collection and Storage of Regulatory Documents (Updated January 5, 2023)

HSP-016  Research Clinics

HSP-018  Study Monitoring Visits - Process for Access to Information and Reporting of Site Visit Results

HSP-019  Use of the VA Central IRB

HSP-020  Scanning Research Documentation in Patient's Health Record

HSP-021  Research Personnel Notification of PBM Management Drug Safety Alerts and Adverse Drug Events

HSP-030  Use of Western IRB (WIRB) - Copernicus Group (WCG)

HSP-031  Use of ADVARRA, Inc IRB

HSP-032  Mayo Clinic Convalescent Plasma

For questions regarding SOPs:

Administrative Officer Holly Henry*

* This link uses regular email and is not secure. Do not send personal or medical information unprotected over the Internet.

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