All proposals submitted to the R&D Committee must be accompanied by a completed Request to Review Research Proposal RRRP Form


The R&D Committee is responsible to the Medical Center Director through the Chief of Staff for promoting R&D programs that will assist the hospital in providing quality patient care. To the extent permitted by Research Handbook 1200.01 and local policy, decisions concerning research matters will be made by the R&D Committee. The Committee advises the Medical Center Director on professional and administrative aspects of the R&D program. All R&D activities within the hospital, whether funded or unfunded, are within its purview. Decisions on matters outside the committee's jurisdiction will be treated as recommendations to the Medical Center Director.


The Committee is responsible for maintaining high standards throughout the R&D Program. These standards include those assuring the scientific quality of the R&D projects, protection of human rights, laboratory safety, and welfare of animal subjects in R&D.


Specific responsibilities of the R&D Committee include:

  1. Planning, developing, and assuming overall responsibility of all R&D activities.

  2. Maintaining the execution of high quality of research by evaluating the quality, design desirability, propriety and administrative feasibility of all research proposals, applications for grants, gifts, and donations, and recommending changes to research proposals in order to enhance the accomplishment of desired goals.

  3. Approving or disapproving the conduct of each research activity performed in the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System.

  4. Approving distribution of research funds, space, personnel, equipment, supplies, and common-use facilities.

  5. Making recommendations concerning the use of new investigational drugs and procedures for clinical research.

  6. Determining the extent to which the objectives of the R&D programs are being attained and their impact on maintaining and improving VA-Medical School relations.

2021 Research and Development Committee Meeting Dates 

(PDF of schedule)



*Date adjusted for holiday

  • All meetings are held at 9:30AM.

  • New study submissions will need to have all appropriate subcommittee approvals (IRB, IACUC, and SRS) by R&D submission deadline to be included for review at the following meeting.


Questions or for additional information, contact:

R&D Committee Coordinator Christina Bennett*


The Human Studies Subcommittee / Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a component of the Research and Development (R&D) Committee. The R&D Committee and the IRB have been entrusted with the responsibility of insuring that research at the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System is conducted under the most rigorous ethical standards in order to assure the protection of the rights, welfare, and safety of the Veteran patients under our care. Approval of a project by the IRB indicates conformity with the Federal Guidelines for Studies Involving Human Subjects known as the "Common Rule." Copies of the VHA Handbook 1200.5, Requirements for Protection of Human Subjects in Research and the Federal Policy for Protection of Human Subjects; Notices and Rules, and local policies are available through the IRB.

2021 IRB Meeting Schedule

(PDF of schedule)



** November meeting adjusted by one week due to Veterans Day November 11, 2021

*** Date adjusted for holiday

  • Continuing reviews and modifications that require full board review are due no later than 3:00PM on the deadline date.

  • IRB submissions MUST BE COMPLETE - including all appropriate signatures.

  • All NEW studies must be submitted to the R&DC Coordinator, 216-791-3800 x3646. New studies undergo an internal review process before being eligible for IRB review. The timeline for this process varies, so there is no set deadline for submitting new studies in order to get them reviewed or approved by a certain date. The Research Office recommends submitting studies as early as possible.

Definition of Research

Human Subject Protection Education (CITI Training)

IRB Forms

Federal Wide Assurance Number (FWA)

For assistance with Privacy and Confidentiality, contact:

Privacy Officers Joseph Picklo* or Tomica Jefferson*

Confidentiality Information Systems Security Officer Robert Hall*

For more information, contact:

IRB Analyst Ed Hallisy*


The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a subcommittee of the R&D Committee. The membership of the IACUC is comprised of scientists with related animal expertise, non-scientific members, and non-affiliated members who are representative of both the scientific and lay community. The IACUC is responsible for overseeing the institution's animal care and use program, which includes the facilities, procedures, Animal Component of Research Protocol (ACORP) approval, and a semi-annual program and facility review. The IACUC is responsible for reviewing and approving all animal work as it relates to the laws, regulations, and policies applicable to research conducted at the VA or its affiliate. The review includes the following:

  • the scientific merit of the study as it relates to the use of animals

  • the appropriateness of the species selected

  • all procedures performed meet the criteria for safe and humane treatment of animals

  • all procedures performed, housing, and use of animals meet the regulations set forth by all applicable agencies

  • all justifications for the use of, and alternative searches for, appropriate alternatives to animal use are met

  • all personnel who work with animals are adequately trained.  Each ACORP must be approved by the IACUC prior to work beginning.

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The Subcommittee on Research Safety (SRS) is a subcommittee of the Research and Development Committee (R&D). The membership of the SRS includes staff with related safety expertise who are representative of the geographic makeup of the Medical Research Service.


The SRS is responsible for coordinating the safety program in all research areas, reviewing written safety plans, procedures involving biohazards, biological and chemical waste, research safety SOPs, training manuals and Research Protocol Safety Surveys for all VA and non-VA funded research protocols. Regardless of funding source, all protocols must be reviewed and approved by this committee prior to implementation.


2021 SRS Meeting Schedule

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For additional information, contact:
Research Safety Coordinator John Schaffer*

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