Research SOPs

HRPP Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Standard Operating Procedures
HSP-003 Documentation in Patient's Medical Record of Enrollment Contact, Actual Enrollment and End of Study Participation
HSP-004 CPRS Medical Records for Non-Veterans Research Subjects and Veterans Not Currently Enrolled in the VA System
HSP-005 Flagging Medical Charts of Patients Involved in Medical Research Studies
HSP-006 Collection and Storage of Regulatory Documents
HSP-008A Paying Subject Volunteers with VA Appropriated Funds
HSP-008B Paying Subject Volunteers with Research Foundation Administered Funds
HSP-016 Research Clinics
HSP-018 Study Monitoring Visits - Process for Access to Information and Reporting of Site Visit Results
HSP-019 Use of the VA Central IRB
HSP-020 Scanning Research Documentation in Patient's Health Record
HSP-021 Research Personnel Notification of PBM Management Drug Safety Alerts and Adverse Drug Events

Research Safety SOPs

SRS-01 Research Safety Program Policy
SRS-02 BioSafety Policy
SRS-03 Storage Policy
SRS-04 Laboratory Moving Policy
SRS-05 Lab Decommissioning Policy
SRS-06 Utility Failure Policy
SRS-07 Eating Policy
SRS-08 Office Policy
SRS-09 Infection Control Procedures for the Animal Research Facility
SRS-10 Employee Training by Supervisor Policy
SRS-11 New Employee Policy
SRS-12 Fire and Fire Drill Policy
SRS-013 SRS-13 Hazard Assessment Training Policy
SRS-014 SRS-14 Emergency Procedure for the Animal Research Facility
SRS-015 SRS-15 Research Protocol Safety Survey
SRS-016 SRS-16 Controlled Substances
SRS-018 SRS-18 Equipment
SRS-019 SRS-19 Emergency Preparedness
SRS-020 SRS-20 Access to Medical Research Service Space
SRS-021 SRS-21 Haz Mat Ordering Policy
SRS-022 SRS-22 Raman Microscope
SRS-023 SRS-23 Confocal Microscope
SRS-024 SRS-24 Infection Control Procedures for Infectious Diseases Research
SRS-025 SRS-25 Institutional Reveiw Entity
SRS-026 SRS-26 SRS Membership